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Are you doing this?

You Buy?
You Sell?
You Install?
You Rent?
You Repair?
You have an Hotline?
You need inventory?


Because we Doing that!

All in One CRM & CMMS Included

- QUICKBOOKS & XERO Integration

- Emails Integration (In / Out - No Plugin)

- Wordpress + WooCommerce Integration

- Google Calendar Integration

- Gravity Form Integration

- And a lot of more...


  • Prospect Management
  • Marketing tracker integrated with reminder
  • Import lead from websites
  • Clients
  • Products (Standard, Serialized, Variations (eg Size & Color))
  • Sales (Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, Deliveries, invoices)
  • Inventory Serialized and fully with barcode integration
  • Multi Payments Multi Currency (161 currencies), and Payment template management

Projects App

Projects App

  • Project Management (Linked or not from the Order Section)
  • Project Management Unlimited workforce Management supervised by a Project manager
  • Tasks management with dynamic control of percentage done
  • Timesheet management with dynamic control of profitability
  • Expenses Module linked with all the Crm
  • Project - Tracking what is billing or not yet
  • Project - Planning (Grant) management
  • CMMS Software OSQIN

    CMMS Software

      CMMS Software
      (Serialized, Maintenance, Technician Services and Maintenance Contracts)

  • OSqin manage fully all serialized items including generate your own barcode
  • CMMS integrated to be able to manage All warranty with options
  • Customers Asset Management (Product located into Client side)
  • Maintenance contracts management with auto billing (multiple period of time)
  • CMMS Customer or Hotline Maintenance Call platform
  • Call Dispatch to technical available base on the location
  • Maintenance report done by the technician with billing detection base on the warranty and the maintenance contracts criteria
  • Maintenance Billing if needed
  • Planning App OSQIN

    Planning & Calendar

  • Project - Planning (Grant) management
  • Internal Calendar
  • Osqin CRM google Calendar Integration (and then iCal)
  • Filemaker Wordpress Integration OSQIN

    WORDPRESS Integration

  • We used 100% about what the Wordpress allow us today!
  • Download almost All from Wordpress
  • Upload almost all to Wordpress
  • Filemaker WoooCommerce Integration OSQIN

    WOOCOMMERCE Integration

  • We used 100% about what the WooCommerce allow us today!
  • Download almost All from WooCommerce
  • Upload almost all to WooCommerce
  • Filemaker Gravity Forms Integration

    Gravity Forms to Crm

  • Gravity Form is one the most famous Form Wordpress Plugin
  • With OSqin Crm if somebody visit your webistes and want to communicate with you via your Forms online you can receive this request directly into your OSqin Crm
  • Technician Management OSQIN


  • Staff Management
  • Technician Management
  • Very powerful access Management, per User, per User group...
  • 161 Currencies integrated and auto updated live
  • Payment Plan Template by country or by currency, or for a special client
  • Emails (In / Out) with Email template fully management by the user
  • Log tracking Module Include
  • Filemaker Reports


  • Sales Report: Compare the Turnover and the target with gap between last year and this year - We display also 3 years of activities like the Year -2, Year -1 and the current Year
  • Cash Flow Report: Live you get and full overview in the Past 2 years ago, the past year and the current year base on Purchase orders and sales activity how much money you got and you will get! A fantastic report to manage your cash flow
  • Financial Keys Report: This is the probably the most powerful report to track everything from your company activity - Request a demo now!
  • Multiple other Reports available...
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